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How can I become a RSSI Volunteer for an assignment?

You need to register your profile in the RSSI talent pool. The registration process consists of two parts.

Part I

Familiarize yourself with essential information for potential volunteers and submit basic information using the below registration form to create your account. After the successful submission you will automatically receive an email with your Application ID.

Part II

After completing Part 1, in order for us to be able to process your application, either you have to contact your nearest RSSI branch with an original document from the items listed or you can avail our online verification facility. Acceptable identification

    1. Aadhaar

    2. Current passport

    3. Driving license

    4. Electoral identity card

    5. Ration card

Now your application will be in the HR queue. After HR approval, as confirmation of your successful registration you will receive a second email with your Volunteer ID, other practical information for potential candidates and a URL to enter all the required details regarding your skills, educational qualifications and experience.

Your RSSI profile will only be considered for upcoming volunteer assignments after completion of this second part of the registration process.